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Ronnie Cloke Browne

Ronnie (Veronica) Cloke Browne is the founder of CareerBreak People. In 2001, Ronnie began a career break to start a family. As a Chemical Engineer by background, at the time she started her break she was working as a Lead Engineer with Esso Petroleum. In order to take an extended career break (longer than the standard maternity provision) she was required to resign which took me out of my work environment and community. In 2015, Ronnie decided to found CareerBreak People as she has always believed that there should be a natural career re-entry point for women after extended career breaks. Whilst maternity leave provision does seem to be improving and is significantly better than when she first had children, she feel that the extended career break is very misunderstood. Many people feel under-confident and unable to return to work at a comparable level or subject and often under-utilise their skills. You can find out more about what CareerBreak People do on the links above.