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Top tips to stay Fit during Lockdown

Top tips to stay Fit during Lockdown

Lockdown life is something that none of us could have ever predicted for 2020 – we had visions of a great new decade – life plans made, fun holidays scheduled and more than likely, some New Year fitness goals in mind too! It does feel a little like 2020 has come to a bit of a grinding halt but just because we can’t access gyms right now doesn’t mean that any fitness plans need to be put on hold.

There is so much we can do at home to keep fit and healthy (check out our full body work out idea here) but even if you didn’t have any specific New Year’s fitness goals, exercise is so essential right now to keep you feeling good, to release those good endorphins and to give you a bit of structure to your day.

It’s so easy to get into a bit of a ‘what has life come to?’ funk right now but a bit of movement can really work wonders for your mind and can make you feel like you’ve got a whole new lease of life.

We spoke to local Personal Trainer Sarah Caven to find out her tips on how to keep fit and healthy during lockdown:

Sarah Cavern

Plan your workouts into your diary

Even in non-lockdown life, I always say to my clients that the best way to ensure that you do your exercise is to schedule your workouts into your week. Take 10 minutes on a Sunday and write your exercise plan into your diary as you would with any other meeting and make them non-negotiable. If you have that time blocked out for your workouts then you are more likely to stick to it.

lockdown work out

Find live workout classes online that suit you

It could be said that fitness is more accessible than ever right now. We can’t go to gyms but we have so much available to us online that we can do from the comfort of our own homes. The majority of gyms and personal trainers are offering live workout classes online which you can join. It feels like you’re doing a normal gym class but you’ve just saved yourself half an hour by not having to drive to and from the gym – it’s a win-win! There is a whole array of classes online from high-intensity cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates…I could go on – there is literally something to suit everyone!

Train with a friend

If you need a bit of moral support to keep you motivated then why not try training with a friend via video call. Find a workout online or plan one yourselves and then do it together. If there’s someone doing it with you, you’re much less likely to get distracted or give up halfway through!

Get outside

What better way to do your exercise than out in the sunshine – Vitamin D and endorphins in one go? Yes please! We’re finally having some nice weather in the UK so use it to your advantage and get outside to do your workout, following Government guidelines of course. You could go for a run, find a field to do a body weight workout or if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, do your live workout class/video call with your friend out in the sunshine.

lockdown walk

Use the time to cook fresh & wholesome meals

Another tip I always give to clients is to plan their meals in advance. You need to be organised with your meals to avoid going to the supermarket multiple times a week anyway so now is the perfect time to get into a habit of doing this. Do a little bit of research online, find some healthy & well-balanced meals and use the extra time that you’ve got at home to be a bit experimental in the kitchen. Eating well does not need to be boring – it’s really not about eating salads for every meal!

Sarah is offering Live Fitness Classes, Virtual Personal Training sessions and Home Workout Plans. Plans will be tailored to you whether you are a beginner or an experienced gym-goer. She is also pre-& post-natal trained so if you’re a mummy or mummy-to-be she can help you too!

To book a free consultation or to find out more information please head to her website, here